Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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The full spectrum CBD oil is made from the Lifter strain blended with organic MCT oil and contains zero artificial flavorings or additives. The flavor is naturally “hempy” and relatively strong so don’t expect a candy-like taste that some less potent tinctures have.

The 1500mg CBD tincture comes in a standard 30ml flask and each 1ml dropper contains approximately 50mg of full spectrum CBD. The 3000mg CBD tincture comes in a 60ml flask and each 1ml dropper contains approximately 50mg of full spectrum CBD.

The only difference between the two is that you get double the amount of CBD in the 3000mg tincture so you get a better price per mg of CBD. The dropper has helpful markings so you can measure the amount of CBD that is right for you.



This is an unflavored, natural CBD oil with a full and complex terpene profile. That being said, the flavor is rich and “hempy”. If you are not used to consuming full spectrum CBD products like smokable hemp flower than the taste may be too strong and you should consume the oil with another beverage on the side.


CBD tinctures are very easy to use and they are versatile and very effective. The main issue that people run into when consuming a full-spectrum CBD tincture is that the flavor tends to be quite strong and “hempy”. Some brands offer flavored CBD tinctures that may be more pleasant to consume but they are often times much less effective and have unnecessary additives that take away from the health benefits.

Tinctures consist of a carrier oil (inn our case an MCT oil) infused with full-spectrum CBD from our popular Lifter CBD strain.  You consume it by using the dropper bottle to “suck up” you desired dosage of CBD then dropping it under your tongue.

Once under your tongue, leave the oil sitting there for 30-45 seconds so that the blood vessels under your tongue can absorb the CBD and carry it into your bloodstream. If you swallow the full spectrum CBD tincture too quickly, it will not have enough time to permeate the membrane and enter the bloodstream. If you swallow the oil it instead enters your digestive system which is much slower and less effective in delivering CBD to your endocannabinoid system.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Once in your system it takes around 30-45 minutes for the CBD to take effect. The effects are subtle and depend on how much and for how long you have been consuming CBD. You can look at CBD oil as similar to vitamins. If you have a vitamin C deficiency due, you wouldn’t expect eating an orange to fix it over night. It takes a series of steps and improved diet to remove a vitamin deficiency. In the same way, CBD oil can have quite powerful effects but it may take a few doses and some experimenting (and sometimes lifestyle changes) to get your desired results.

Play around with dosing, time of consumption and number of doses per day to find your perfect solution. You may find that a few small doses throughout the day followed by a large dose before bed has the best effect for you.

You can also make your own CBD tincture from decarboxylated CBD buds or put it in food or beverages in order to make the flavor more pleasant. It’s a great way to incorporate CBD into your everyday life.

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